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Graphic manual

Follow our guidlines when creating visual documents. It’s easy!
Only three things to keep in mind.

Read the guidlines further down and discover our templates and the media library!

1. Fonts

Use DIN or DIN2014. If you dont have it – use Arial.

If you produce official marketing material – you have no choice. DIN it is!

Suggested use

Heading: DIN Bold (uppercase is OK)
Heading alternative: DIN Extra bold (uppercase is OK)

Body text: DIN Regular
Alternative body text: DIN Light

2. Colours

Red – Hex: E00829 | RGB: 224 8 41 | CMYK: 3 100 85 0 | Pantone: 185C

Background grey – Hex: ededed | CMYK: 10% black

Text grey – not important (606060 is fine) | CMYK: 70% or 80% black

These are our main colours. It is of course allowed to use another colours when appropriate (100% white in this example).

3. Think diagonally

Whenever possible – use diagonal design element.

That's it folks!

Check out our templates (powerpoints etc.) and media library. Click on menu button top right.


Now get on with it!